The properties of the lamps

For centuries, people know and use the positive properties of salt. The best proof of it are underground health resorts in the chambers of salt mines Bochnia and Wieliczka and the resort spa in Ciechocinek. In some countries and some epochs salt was as valuable as gold. It was also used as a monetary unit and as a food preservative. The lamp produced by our company is made of salt crystal created more than 250 million years ago. The salt lamps not only bring an unique atmosphere into our flats but also enhance our well-being due to ionisation of the air and commonly known colour influence improve our well-being. Manual processing and natural raw materials make each product unique. .

lampy solne

We spend most of our time in closed rooms. Our well-being and efficiency depends on composition of the air we breathe. It contains certain proportions of molecules with a net positive or net negative electrical charge. Scientific research show a balance between them is necessary for our well-being. TVs, computer screens, air-conditioners are sources of excess of ions with a net positive charge creating electrical smog which leads to difficulties in concentration and insomnia. In order to restore the balance and neutralize the negative effects of the electrical smog the air shall be enriched with negative ions.


zdj2Due to its chemical composition the salt crystal is a perfect source of those ions which are created more intensively during the illumination of the lamp. The microclimate of rooms, where the lamps are used improves significantly and it can be compared to the air after a spring storm. The bright light of the lamp has a positive influence on our mental health.

Apricot light helps to overcome mental blockades, facilitates openness to other people and boosts energy level.
Orangelight has a relaxing influence, helps in therapies conducted after some negative experiences like shock or stress, improves creativity and the joy of living.
White light improves concentration, calms and relieves the tensions.
Red light improves the vital strength, has a stimulating effect.


The salt lamps shall be used in closed rooms. They shall be cleaned with a damp brush. If the lamp is excessively moist, it should be left to operate for a longer period of time. Due to the spring system, the bulb may be replaced without using any equipment

Interesting facts...
In all epochs, properties highly beyond the range of natural properties were attributed to salt.
Homer called it "the food of the gods", Plato described it as a substance, which is especially appreciated by gods, Pliny the Elder, already 2000 years ago said: "there are two most important things on earth: sun and salt"..

Our lamps have the ce and cert bezpieczen certificates